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Gantry milling machine repair

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Gantry milling machine repair

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2018/03/06 10:12
Rail milling machine repair: Machine Tool mostly made of steel or cast iron, these guides appear scratches should be repaired, or make scratches to expand, and even affect the use of machine tools. Ma

Rail milling machine repair: Machine Tool mostly made of steel or cast iron, these guides appear scratches should be repaired, or make scratches to expand, and even affect the use of machine tools. Machine tool guides and other friction pairs, in the long-term use of the process, due to the existence of different degrees of friction between the two contact surfaces, so that the surface of the friction pair wear to varying degrees, seriously affect the machine tool's machining accuracy and production efficiency. For the repair of machine tools and other wear parts, metal plates and polymer materials are often used for affixing or replacing, which requires not only a large number of precise machining operations, but also often requires manual scraping of the machined surfaces. long.


Solution: The use of international advanced polymer 2211F metal repair materials to repair gantry milling rails scratches, just a few hours to repair the scratched parts of the rails, put into use. Practice has proved that this method is simple, saves time, has good repair quality and low cost. With its unique adhesive force, excellent compressive strength, and oil and abrasion resistance, it can provide a long-term protective layer for components, which can effectively solve the problems that can't be solved due to the traditional maintenance methods for large equipment that cannot be disassembled. The performance of the equipment has been improved, the fit clearance of the components has been improved, the normal operation of the production has been ensured to the utmost, and a large amount of time and funds have been saved for the customers, providing a long-term good guarantee for the normal operation of the enterprise equipment.


Principle of repair: The polymer composite material is a composite material made of a polymer, a metal or ceramic ultrafine powder, and a fiber as a base material, which is compounded by a curing agent and a curing accelerator. Various materials complement each other in performance and produce a synergistic effect, so that the composite material's overall performance is better than the original composition material. With its strong adhesion, mechanical properties, and chemical resistance, it is widely used in metal equipment for mechanical wear, scratches, pits, cracks, leaks, repair of foundry sand pits, and various chemical storage tanks. Chemical corrosion protection and repair of reaction tanks and pipelines.



Repair process:



1, with an oxygen - acetylene flame roasted scratch site (temperature control, to avoid surface annealing), the surface of the metal infiltration perennial oil baked, grilled to no sparks.


2. The surface of the scratched part is treated with an angle grinder, and the grinding depth is more than 1 mm, and the groove is ground along the guide rail, preferably a dovetail groove (see figure). Scratch deepens at both ends to change the stress.


3. Clean the surface with cotton wool, acetone or anhydrous ethanol.


4. Apply the evenly balanced 2211F to the scratched surface; the first layer should be thin, cover the scratched surface evenly and completely to ensure the best adhesion of the material to the metal surface, and then apply the material to the entire repair site repeatedly. Press to ensure that the material is filled and the thickness required is slightly higher than the rail surface.


5, the material at 24oC to fully meet the performance needs of 24 hours, in order to save time, you can increase the temperature through halogen lamp, the temperature for each increase of 11oC, curing time will be reduced by half, the best curing temperature 70oC.


6. After the material is solidified, use a fine grindstone or a scraper to repair the material above the surface of the guide rail and complete the construction.