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Employing principle: Loyalty is greater than ability!

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Employing principle: Loyalty is greater than ability!

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2018/03/06 09:53
Ability is very important, but one thing is more important than ability. That is character. Characters are the highest academic qualifications of people, and they are the foundation of human capabilit

Ability is very important, but one thing is more important than ability. That is character. Characters are the highest academic qualifications of people, and they are the foundation of human capabilities. They are scarce and precious quality labels in today's society. Characters and abilities are like the left hand and the right hand: single ability, no character, people will be incomplete. Character determines attitude, attitude determines behavior, and behavior determines the final result. The character is far-reaching. No one will be willing to trust and reuse a poor-quality employee. Good character has become a solid foundation for modern career promotion and a solid foundation for success.



More than 12 qualities that are more important than capabilities:


The first loyalty - stand on the company's position to think about issues, loyalty to protect the interests of the company, withstand the test in front of the temptation.


No. 2 Devotion - The purpose of the job is not only to pay, to provide services that exceed the reward, and to be willing to make personal sacrifices for the work.


The third self-spontaneous - do not wait for others to confess, from "do me" to "I do", take the initiative to do some "extraordinary" thing, do it first. High demand: one step and three steps.


No. 4 Responsibility—The core of responsibility lies in the sense of responsibility. Every little thing is done well. There is absolutely no excuse for the promise of gold, so that the ball of the problem ends with you. It is not because of negligence that it casts a big mistake.


The fifth focus on efficiency - focus on, focus on, quantify the daily work, delay is the most vicious killer of the cause; pay attention to the primary and secondary, to prevent perfectionism become the enemy of efficiency.


The 6th Direction of Results - In the beginning it is necessary to think about how to get things done. The methods are always better than the problems. We must create conditions to complete the tasks. We should do things right the first time, and accomplish tasks beyond expectation.


No. 7 is good at communication - open face, on the spot to solve, communication and gossip are two different things, not to say and speak too much is a mistake, with plans to ask questions, to cultivate the emotional intelligence received criticism.


8th cooperation - team advances, self-retreats, drips into the sea, personal integration into the team, obey the overall arrangements, and discipline to ensure combat effectiveness; inappropriate team's "short board", for others to consider, so that the ability to be amplified in the team .


9th to be aggressive and enterprising - to keep up with the pace of business, to learn from empty cup mentality, to grab, squeeze time charge, develop their own "comparative advantage" and challenge themselves.


The 10th low-key – it is not high-spirited, to overcome the “disposal” psychology, do not play the qualifications; give people a respect, strive to be consistent with the name, performance is only the starting point, honor can be used as the driving force.


11th Savings - Don't put your boss's money to the wrong place, be honest and not be smart, don't waste every sheet of paper, don't waste every minute of work time; spend every penny, you must receive maximum benefit: Save It's all profit.


12th Thanksgiving - Think of who made you today? The company gives you work, work gives you the opportunity to learn and grow, coworkers give you cooperation, customers help you create performance, opponents let you see distance, and critics make you perfect.