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Milling machine operation safety regulations

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Milling machine operation safety regulations

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2018/03/06 10:17
1. The operator must be skilled in mastering the operation essentials and technical performance of the milling machine. After going through the assessment, he must go through the job 2. Before startin

1. The operator must be skilled in mastering the operation essentials and technical performance of the milling machine. After going through the assessment, he must go through the job 2. Before starting the machine, he must carefully inspect all parts of the equipment, the handles, and the transmission gears to ensure that they are in a reasonable position and find faults in time. Repairs are strictly prohibited.


3. Before starting the machine, you must follow the requirements of the lubrication chart and do a good job of refueling the equipment.


4. The operator should wear three tight-fitting clothes, wear safety glasses (if necessary, wear a mask), wear cast iron parts to wear masks, and operate the milling machine with gloves.


5. Before setting up the workpiece, set up the clamping method. When clamping the blank, the table top should be cushioned so as not to damage the table. 6. When the table is moving, check that the fastening screws are open. When the table does not move, tighten the screws. 7. Install and remove the milling cutter with a cloth pad, do not directly hold the cutter by hand


8. When loading and unloading the tool, keep the milling cutter cone and cone hole clean and securely clamped.


9. Before installing the milling cutter, check whether the tool is in check and in good condition. The milling cutter should be installed as close to the spindle as possible. After installation, test the vehicle. The mounting workpiece should be firm.


10. When using the wrench, the milling cutter should be avoided in the direction of force to avoid slipping and causing work injuries.


11. When you work, you should feed by hand and then gradually move the knife automatically. When the automatic knife is running, pull the hand wheel, pay attention to whether the limit stop is firm, not allowed to reach the head, do not go to the two extremes and crash the screw; when using a fast journey, you must first check whether the collision will collide, In order to avoid damage to the parts, the cutter will fly out and hurt. Always check whether the safety spring in the handlebar is effective and reliable.


12. It is forbidden to touch the cutting edge and the machining area when cutting. Measurement and inspection of the workpiece must be stopped, cutting the workpiece can not be adjusted.


13. Before the spindle stops, feed must be stopped first. If the cutting depth is large, the retraction tool should be stopped first, and the power should be cut off when hanging the wheel. The clearance of the hanging wheel should be appropriate. The backing mother must be fastened to avoid falling off; the processing speed should not be too fast. Eat knife and feed.


14. If the machine tool is found to be faulty, it should be stopped immediately and reported to the maintenance department for repairs. 15. Remove the shavings with a brush. Do not use your hand or blow it with your mouth.


16. If chips are flying into the eyes, do not rub it with your hands. Call your doctor for treatment.


17. Before the work, the operator should do a good job of cleaning and maintenance of the equipment, do a good job of lubricating and refueling and the cleanliness of the surrounding area, arrange the product parts neatly, and turn off the power.